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The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my launch into ministry as well as to give glory to God by showing how yielding to the Spirit of God can cause you to be blessed. I have known for several years that I needed to go into ministry, but did not yield to that leading because of comfort. I felt like I would not make it financially, or that I am not good enough at speaking to ever be in ministry. Perhaps these events may encourage others whom God is asking you to just jump (and be sure it is Him who is telling you to do so) without any assurance of success beyond His Word and leading.

Background: I had ministered as a layperson to individuals or small groups, and in teaching Sunday school classes, but my area of ministry for the past seven years at the time of this writing has been in music. I have served as pianist on praise and worship teams. I would occasionally speak to the youth, or serve in other small capacities in the church. This is why it seemed out of place the Lord would ask me to take this step of going into field/traveling ministry full time.